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Cloth Diaper 101

The world of cloth diapers can be confusing and overwhelming because there are so many options available. Here at Eco Chic we are experts in the field and want to pass our knowledge on to you so you can make the best choice for you and your baby.

One of the first places people get caught up and confused is all of the different abbreviations for diapers. Isn’t a diaper just a diaper? To help clear up the confusion for you please see below the types of diapers offered and a basic description of each of them. 


So once you get past the what is that the next natural step is… what do I need? We’ve got you covered there too! 



Now you have all these diapers, a baby that is peeing and pooping in them and you need to do something with them. Much to do is made about how to wash cloth diapers but really it is a simple routine. Cold Rinse, Hot Wash, Cold Rinse, Dry. But what about the poop? If you are breastfeeding no need to do any pre-rinse or spraying out of the diaper, just toss them in the wetbag and wash as suggested below. Once baby is on solids or is formula fed spray or rinse poopy diapers and get the majority of the poop out then wash as suggested. A great way to deal with the poop is by using a disposable liner (GroVia makes a great one!) that you simply toss in the toilet. 

To make it a bit easier for you print out the below graphic and hang it up by your washer. 

 So what is the benefit to cloth you may still be asking yourself after all this information. Well, there are the numerous environmental benefits like not contributing to something that sits in a landfill for up to 500 years. Then there are the benefits of not putting toxic chemicals close to your babies most sensitive area. And if that still isn’t what is clicking for you there is the overwhelming cost benefits. As you can see even if you only cloth diaper one child for 2.5 years your savings are significant. 

Still have more questions about cloth diapering and where to get started? That’s ok! We are here to help! Call or email us and we can set you up with everything you need!